Tetra Pack

Ivan Ilic “Tetra Pack”

“Tetra Pack” is a band that plays original music by Ivan Ilic. Inspired by jazz, funk, rock and more, the music is full of rhythm. This quartet offers enjoyable instrumental virtuosity of its members and surprising arrangements, creating an original fusion.

Album: “Paranoic” 2013

Ivan Ilic – guitar, composition

Eva Garin – clarinet, trombone and bariton sax,

David Marroquin – bass,

Pau Zañartu – drums.

Ivan Ilic – guitar

Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1979.

He was the leader of the band Solid, which won the price of best young jazz band in Yugoslavia in 2002 in Sabac Jazz Festival. He completed studies in jazz and modern music at the Conservatory of the Liceu, Barcelona 2006. He participated in the tour Diversons and the project “Musica de los Balcanes dentro de una maleta”, produced by Obra social La Caixa. He recorded several albums as a sideman and 4 albums as a leader (Dirty shoes and high heels 2006, Platonic 2011, Paranoic 2013, Macedonian songs 2016).

Eva Garin Jato – clarinet, baritone sax and trombone

Born in Barcelona in 1987.

Began her musical studies on classical clarinet at age 8. Later she began playing sax as part of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. With this band recorded three albums and performed alongside greats like Perico Sambeat, Dick Oatts, Peplowsky Ken and Scott Robinson. She received her Professional Degree of classical clarinet and the Superior Degree of jazz at the Taller de Musics, Barcelona.

David Marroquin – bass

Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1979.

He completed studies in ESMDM classic bass. With his band Alas de Águila he toured in North America, Central and South America from 1999 to 2003. He also participated in the tour Diversons in Spain. He finished his studies in jazz and modern music at the Conservatorio del Liceu.

Pau Zañartu – drums

Born in Barcelona 1978.

He studied music at the Jazz School of Santiago de Chile “ProoJazz”.
He continues his studies in Barcelona, consisted of two parts: music theory at the Taller de Musics and Cuban rhythms with the great Cuban teacher, Dafnis Prieto.