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Ivan Ilic Tetra Pack – “Paranoic”

This Album was recorded in Barcelona, 2013. The tunes are original compositions by Ivan Ilic. There are 8 tunes on the album: Self Esteem Shadow of mediocrity Domination Wars Paranoic Mar Be[...]

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April in Belgrade

April in Belgrade is a famous song from the sixties that was on my mind during the last visit to my hometown. This visit was in sign of two wonderful concerts with formation S-Pack and inspiring performances by guests on the concerts on high level. Nevena Filipovic and Uros Stamenkovic

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Into the Spring

We had an interesting concerts previous month. Balkanaizer had two successful performances approaching music from Macedonia. The concerts were in the sign performances of Uri, who played cello and our guest Laia, young soloist who sang one song and played an interesting solo on violin. After a long time Kaleidoskop[…]

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This year tour of “Musica de los Balkanes dentro de una maleta” started with concerts in Palma de Mallorca and Toledo.

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Ivan Ilic TETRA PACK – Platonic 2012

Barcelona, 09/2012 Carola Ortiz – voice, bass clarinet Ivan Ilic – guitar David Marroquin – bass Aurelien Gana – drums

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